Saturday, August 1, 2009

Football 101

We signed Kobe up for football today. Darin went with him and helped to pick out equipment. We then had to have a little football equipment 101 lesson with dad showing mom and son how all of the pads fit and how to tighten up the chin strap since he will be busy with his own team during the season. It really was a trip!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well, it was 10 years ago since I became a mother. It's hard to imagine because in some ways it seems like it was yesterday that he was born and in others it seems like I have always been a mother. I was a mother to half of the world, but never to my own. Kobe made that dream come true. All of those months of negative tests, being shocked that I was pregnant, all of the planning, nothing prepared me for those first few seconds when they set you on my chest. Of course right after that they ran you to the NICU and we started one big adventure that is still happening. You have taught me to expect the unexpected, to see the joys in life. and to realize that you and I don't always have the same opinion (and you are not afraid to point that out!!!)

I love you Kobe!!!!

Vacation, VBS, and Kobe's Birthday

Well, we have had a fun couple of weeks with VBS, vacation and Kobe's birthday!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Well, we are half way through summer. Kobe wants to know when we get to just relax! He has a point. At some point in every mom's life I guess it happens, but I was just not ready. Kobe is now officially the person in our house that has the most active social calendar. Yes, Darin has football and that is enough, but Kobe has Baseball games, baseball camp, football camp, church camp, parties, etc. I can't believe he will be 10 next month! I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of things to come!
We also did VBS last week. It was a lot of fun. I was Kailyn's teacher. That won't happen again. She did not let me touch another child without pitching a fit! I hope she makes it at school next year!

We are going to try to have a relaxing day today! Nothing is planned except for football and Kobe's baseball party. I guess we can relax later!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009


I have driven a Honda Civic for 14 years. It got great gas mileage and was a little beat up, but we owned it free and clear and I was not getting into debt with another car payment until the wheels fell off. Well, in the last month, we have spent over $650 in repairs and there is no stopping in sight. So, we finally bit the bullet and bought a new vehicle. That is all very normal stuff unless you know the behind the scenes story.

We bought the Civic very early in our marriage. As a matter of fact it was our first major purchase. God protected us and saw that we were not capable of making a good decision if our lives depended on it and led us to this car. It has taken Kobe home from the hospital, been in an ice storm where it was rear ended, hit by a semi, and hit by a coyote. We have some history, this little car and me. I love the way that every mile was added by me. I love that it was a symbol of the first decision Darin and I made as a couple. I love that every dent is a reminder of how God protects us. But alas, she started showing her age. The window broke, the wheel turner thing needed to be replaced, the battery died for the hundredth time.

The final straw was about two weeks ago. The kids and I were at the library. We get in the car and she just won't start. Darin was in Tulsa with his dad at a doctor's appointment. I call every one I know, but no one was home. Darin finally calls and says he is almost home and comes in to get me. He also happens to mention he and his dad stopped off at a car lot and found a car we needed to look at. Financially, we needed a few months more to save for the down payment, so we put the plan on the back burner. Well, that was not God's plan. Darin's dad happens to know the owner of the car lot. He called and dropped the price of this car to a ridiculously low price. We go to the bank and they made us a loan without any down payment- God doesn't seem to know that a recession is going on. This all worked out within a matter of hours. I drove the car, checked it out on line, and found it to be a great deal. The only problem was that Darin was in Norman at football camp. I call him at every stage and we decide to wait until he gets home to purchase this vehicle. We go today, get the car, and just like that God takes my plans and gives me more than I can imagine! Isn't He good?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day

Well, it took all week to find the time to write this post. I have thought about it all week. It started Sunday and hasn't stopped all week. I just have not taken the time to write it (maybe I have just now completely processed it).

It all started with the preacher saying he knows that some women sitting in church on Mother's Day absolutely dread that day. He then said all women are that mother figure to someone. This brings up so many hard memories for me. I can remember praying, crying, begging for God to give me a baby. I grieved on Mother's Day like no other. I know I should have been thankful for my mom and I am so thankful for my mom. But you see, I wanted to be that mom for someone else and for some reason God wasn't ready for me to be that yet. Yes, it is true. I teach school. I have been a mom to many children. Before Darin and I had children, I always had someone else's child with me. I pray I made the difference I was supposed to for those children. BUT holding your own child is something I longed for and wanted. I remember the morning I found out I was pregnant. Darin made me take 3 pregnancy tests before he let me get my hopes up. I had taken so many and none were positive before, but we didn't want to believe until we were for sure. I laugh at the memory of our first doctor's appointment when the doctor came in and gave me all my new literature and Darin asked if he was sure I was pregnant! Now my boy is almost ten.He had a shaky start with NICU and all, but he is as healthy as they come. Kailyn has been another story. She came along much easier. I did take a false negative, then took another a week later and it was positive. We just had many surprises along the way- my high blood pressure that ended up being toxemia and meant a magnesium drip during labor to assure my blood pressure did not rise. Talk about nausea. I threw up and she came out, literally. I laugh and say she is probably the only child who can say her mom threw her up! It took us two miraculous years for her to become completely healthy. I look at her and can't help but use the word miracle!!! So as I sat there Sunday, I felt so blessed to have my beautiful, healthy children.

Then, of course, I look at my mother and think how blessed I am. I have the kind of mother that loves unconditionally and gives up her time for both her children and grandchildren. What an example she is! My children have the best Nana. I feel so lucky to have her. I can't even begin to count the times she has dropped things to come and help us out.

My grandma is another precious example of love. She has been there for us through so much I can't even count the ways!

I have had some good examples!!!

My mother- in-law is another great example. Talk about a woman who loves her children and grandchildren. She is there for all of us in so many ways.

So, on this Mother's Day week, I am thankful for my children, my family, and all of the women in my life that have shown me how to mother by example.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I thought I would finally post Easter pics. We had the traditional Easter lunch at my grandparents. It was really cold!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Baseball and growing up!

It's baseball season around here. I love it and I hate it. Kobe has great fun playing. It's good exercise. It also opens my baby up for criticism. He plays catcher and sometimes doesn't catch the ball. He strikes out. Tonight I watched him strike out and then have a dad son talk with Darin. He was trying not to cry. After all, he had to hurry up and get his catchers gear off then head straight to bat. His friends hit before him. Why couldn't he hit? Just get a little piece of it? As a momma, I wanted to take him home right then and save him from the criticism. He is perfect. He is a miracle baby. If you don't believe it, just ask his poppa. BUT he has to grow up. He has to learn that you don't always hit every time. You don't catch all of the balls. You can't be perfect all of the time and neither can anyone else. It's still hard. Growing up is hard, but being the momma is too. The world is not perfect. It's not meant to be.

Speaking of our imperfect world, I just read Beth Moore's blog. It was about a dear friend of hers that died of cancer and how our bodies are not made for eternity. It made me think of my friend Sherry Wise. It's really worth reading!

Well, we play baseball again tomorrow. Pray for me to let go of my baby. In my eyes he will always be the little chubby faced boy who loved his mommy with his whole heart. Man, letting go is hard!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Where does the time go? I think over the last 4 years and ponder this question. It seems like yesterday that our little princess made her debut. Yet she has taught us so much over the last four years.

Four years ago, I was a scared mom who was very sick and had a daughter who was very sick as well. Over the next few days, things just kept getting worse for her. She ended up with jaundice, a heart condition, a hormone disorder, an ulcer and so much more on top of the breathing condition she was born with. We left the hospital on meds, with multiple doctor's appointments, and very scared!!!

Well, after learning words like endocrinologist and pediatric cardiologist and some visits to the dermatologist and pediatric opthamologist we can say you are completely well. We have been waiting a long time to hear you are "normal". I have been through MRI's with blood all over me where you have ripped out IV's. I have sat in a cath lab holding your leg completely still until they are sure you are fine. I have cried over you, prayed over you and felt God heal you through my prayers (and the prayers of our church). Now we see you as a whole beautiful human being who has been healed in so many ways. I can't wait to see what your future holds. I love you little missy!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kailyn's Party

Here are some photos from Kailyn's birthday party yesterday. Her birthday is not until tomorrow so I can still be in denial that she will be four. In my mind, she is three until 3:15 tomorrow.

It has been a big week for her. Along with the birthday hype, I have enrolled her in our 4 year old program. Huge step in loosing my baby and admitting she is a little girl. It is harder with her than with Kobe. I wanted him to experience the next new thing constantly. With her, I know she will experience it and I am in no hurry for her to do so. Funny how your parenting really does change from one child to the next!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


We have had an interesting past week. My parents have been planning a trip to the Virgin Islands for some time. My cousin has a rental there and they wanted to see him and take advantage of a good deal on the rental. I have to admit that for some time now, I have had a certain amount of anxiety about this trip. Maybe it has been all of the plane crash news on the TV.

Well, they left out on Wednesday for Dallas. They were flying out from there. They had some deal where they could keep their car there cheaper than in a parking garage. When I got home from church, I got one of those "your dad is fine, but he was taken by ambulance because we have been in a finder binder. Oh, the doctor came in I'll call you back". Well, a van owned by some kind of hotel/ convention center rammed them from behind. They were hit so hard that it pushed them into another car and somehow another car was involved. I'm still not sure how straight I have the story. Anyway, they loaded Mom, Dad and their luggage into the ambulance and took them to the hospital. Mom tried to assure everyone that she was okay, so she did not get checked out. Dad was dizzy and his neck was sore, so they took him in a neck brace and backboard to the ambulance. Thankfully, my Uncle Jack called in the middle of this (he knew none of this was going on) and sent my precious cousin Will to meet them at the hospital. Will has no idea as to how relieved my sister and I were to know that he was there. Thanks Will. The doctor gave them the go ahead to travel, so they are basking in the sun (a little sore and stiff) at St. John's island. Speaking of Saints named John, my Uncle John has come to the rescue with handling the insurance. Since it all happened in Texas and it costs so much money to call from the island, we are so thankful he could do it. He also met them at the hospital. He and Will then proceeded to stay with them, go to dinner with them, drive them to the hotel and basically make sure they were physically and emotionally okay for the rest of the evening.

As far as we can tell, the car (a brand new Expedition) is in bad shape and I don't know if they are going to total it or not. There was fluid leaking, lots of broken glass, and damage done to the body. Mom and dad weren't even sure where the car was. We figured that out and took it to a Ford dealership. Thank you John and Will for your advise on where to take the car.

Family always comes through in the end and this was definitely the case with this incident.

Thanks Will, Steph, John and Rhonda!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Power Team, Kite Flying, and Bubbles

We have had an interesting week this week weather wise. It went from ice and snow to no coat weather. Only in Oklahoma!

We took the opportunity today to fly kites and blow bubbles. The wind was strong so it was a perfect day. Kailyn of course has a Barbie kite. Kobe's was a Blue Angels. The differences between boys and girls! We got them up pretty high! Kailyn loves bubbles. She didn't have to blow very hard at all to get lots, so she was in heaven!

We also saw the Power Team last week. They are an amazing group of people (there is one woman). They go around and break blocks, bend metal, and basically do anything that has to do with strength. They also tell the message of Christ in the process. It is an unusual ministry, but an effective one. We had seveal people saved because of their ministry. Pray for them. They reach folks that no one else could!

Friday, January 30, 2009

More Ice Pics

I just wanted to post some pics we took yesterday. Kobe's friend Jeremiah came and went sleding with us at the school. His older sister was there, too. She is Kailyn's favorite babysitter.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Storm 2009

Well, Darin and I have laughed at the people in this town since we moved here. As in most Oklahoma towns, a forcast for snow drives everyone to Wal Mart to buy anything they may need in case they are snowed in for weeks!!! This usually does not happen or comes and goes so fast that it's over before you blink. Well, in Checotah they have had several ice storms. Not only do the groceery stores sell out of milk, water, etc. but also propane stoves, candles, generators, and the like. You see, they are convinced that the electricity will go out and will not come back for weeks. We have laughed because they have only had this happen once and they are prepared every time. As this storm was coming, they forecast some freezing rain and sleet. We were in the ice storm area. No snow, just ice. Fun, huh? Well, Darin decided we needed to go to Wal Mart and at least price a propane stove and heater. Well, they had them, but no little propane tanks. Hadn't had them for a week. I told you they planned ahead. Well, our house is total electric and we have no way to heat it or cook anything. To say that we were praying for the electric to stay on is an understatement. Mom and Dad have two generators. They inherited one with their last land purchase. We have planned on picking it up to have here in case anything happened. We will get it the next time we are there!!!! Long story short, we kept electricity. The other side of town did not. We have been out of school for the last two days and Darin's principal just texted him and said no school tomorrow. Answered prayer!!!

On a side note, we have some friends and the husband works for the transportation department. We live right off of I-40 and parts of it were closed yesterday. You know it is slick if they closed the interstate!! We got a call last night from the wife and the husband was on I-40, in a sand truck, stuck, tired (he'd been at work since 7 that morning and it was 10:30), and didn't know when he was going to get home. She worried about him physically getting home. He got home at 1:45 A.M safely (praise the Lord) and was back out at 7:00 A.M. He was affected more emotionally because so many people were stuck, tired and hungry. Some had been there for hours. He knows that if he does his job, they will get around better. Remember these people in prayer. I have been behind sand trucks too. They are slow. We are in a hurry. They are out there trying to help us and, if the rest are like him, worried about our safety. That's what got him up this morning at 7 ready to go again!!!

Of course, the ice storm has been a lot of fun. The sledding is great. The ice is so packed that this is all you can do, but you can sure go! You really don't even need an incline!

Monday, January 19, 2009

All is well

We spent the weekend at the farm.

Kailyn began her stay on Wednesday. She couldn't go to the sitters because of her little MRSA condition. She is too cute out there. She feeds those cows and tromples through the woods like a little farm girl.

Kobe came down on Sunday afternoon. He went to Aunt Sandy's and played. He also went to the hockey game Saturday night. It was jersey night, so we have a fancy Blazer's jersey to show for it. He spent the day today shooting his Red Rider b.b. gun and trampling in the woods. I thought I heard something about an armedilla hunt, but moms can't know everything boys and popa's do.

Well. Kailyn is better and going to daycare tomorrow. Darin is at a clinic, so I am going to have a crazy next few days. He is gone a lot, so we are somewhat use to being by ourselves. The only problem is Kailyn has been at Nana's and is quite spoiled at the moment. I will survive!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Kailyn is running around the the house like a maniac!!! You would never guess that she has MRSA. She is continuing to improve. Darin has had about as much stay at home time that he can stand. Luckily, she is healed enough- I'll spare the gory details- to go to my mom and dad's tomorrow so we can all go to work tomorrow. We were very fortunate this time. I am praying we will not have to live through this again!!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

MRSA Update

We took Kailyn back to the dr. this morning because she was looking a little worse last night. As I was getting her ready, the spot ruptured. It looked better, but we took her to the dr. (yes on a Saturday) anyway. We get there and they look at it and start talking specialists which means hospital. The doctor gives her some happy juice and thinks she can get the rest of it in the office. The first 20 minutes she was on the meds. it was quite funny. The room was decorated like an ocean and had ocean animals all around the room. She started chasing the animals around the room. She told us that room was the prettiest she had ever seen. She told us that the happy medicine
sure did make her happy. Finally, she goes to sleep. That is until the dr. comes in to do her thing. She screamed and screamed. She asked her daddy to pick her up. She told me to stop hurting her. She asked me to take her home. Finally, the doctor is done and, after several statements on how brave she is, she comes home with 2 suckers, a sticker, and a stuffed toy.

The dr. tells us she will sleep most of the afternoon and evening. She slept maybe 30 minutes and has been wound up ever since. We are trying to have a lot of patience, but in true Kailyn form, it is quite a feat!!!

I hope we don't have to come back!!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

MRSA rears her ugly head

Okay, so yesterday I pick Kailyn up from daycare and she cries when I put her in her car seat saying her bottom hurts. I think she is just tired and give her no sympathy. By the time we leave church, she is screaming that her bottom hurts. We look at it. It is a raised bump and is somewhat round underneath. I am constantly looking at bumps and thinking they are something. This time Darin agrees that we need to get it looked at. I am running low on sick days so Darin stays home with her. I decide that I am going to the doctor no matter what because I was admitted to the hospital so fast last time and refused to be in Checotah and her in Tulsa (1 and a half hours away) if something happened. We get to see our actual doctor who is awesome and my hero. I am a little afraid of how she is going to lance this bump because Kailyn won't let anyone look at it, more or less touch it. Dr. Wan came through. She did lance it just enough to get a sample and know the bump was not ready to be popped. Kailyn cried, but overall did great considering. The doctor is treating it like MRSA, but we won't know for sure until the lab results come back. We are on oral antibiotics and putting warm compresses on it. We are at home (praise God) and she thinks we caught it early enough that this is all we are going to have to do. I am not sure how she got it. Maybe the bath tub because that is the only thing we share and of course are the handwashing experts. I don't know. If it is possible to get she will. We were almost through with the treatment plan for our family and thought we had this beat. I feel like we are starting all over again! Pray for us and pray for patience!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Well, it's back to school and back to reality. The break flew by.

We had a great Christmas. It all started with the annual Santa shopping trip. We took it the Monday before Christmas. We did let the boys talk us into going to Bass Pro. Tuesday was a day of drs. appointments. I got a check up on my MRSA. Everything looked great. We also got the lovely bactroban to put in our noses twice daily. Doesn't that sound like fun? The entire family has to do this. It is supposed to make us not pass the infection around. It had better!!!! Christmas Eve was spent with my family. Mom cooked a big ham and all of the fixings. Christmas morning was spent with wrapping paper everywhere and presents galore. The next day, my step daughter Morgan flew in from South Carolina. It was a pleasent surprise that we were to work everything out for her to come in such a short time. We went to Darin's sisters home and had Christmas with that side. We then went and met with my dad's brothers on Saturday. Whew!!! No wonder we are tired.

Morgan was here until New Year's Eve. We tried to treasure every precious minute. She has grown into such a wonderful young lady. She has a good head on her shoulders and is as beautiful on the inside as out.

New Year's Day is my dad's birthday, so we went back down there for a birthday party. The kids enjoyed playing with their cousins and I think no blood was shed from the two oldest boys!!! We spent a few more days at Mom's with the guys hunting and fishing and Mom and I enjoying the time together.

Now it's back to reality. Mom had to only say a few times that she enjoys retirement, especially after Christmas break!!!!