Monday, January 19, 2009

All is well

We spent the weekend at the farm.

Kailyn began her stay on Wednesday. She couldn't go to the sitters because of her little MRSA condition. She is too cute out there. She feeds those cows and tromples through the woods like a little farm girl.

Kobe came down on Sunday afternoon. He went to Aunt Sandy's and played. He also went to the hockey game Saturday night. It was jersey night, so we have a fancy Blazer's jersey to show for it. He spent the day today shooting his Red Rider b.b. gun and trampling in the woods. I thought I heard something about an armedilla hunt, but moms can't know everything boys and popa's do.

Well. Kailyn is better and going to daycare tomorrow. Darin is at a clinic, so I am going to have a crazy next few days. He is gone a lot, so we are somewhat use to being by ourselves. The only problem is Kailyn has been at Nana's and is quite spoiled at the moment. I will survive!!!!

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