Thursday, October 16, 2008


Let me start by saying I have been working on templates for my blog. This is way more complicated than my computer skills (or lack there of). Be patient with me as I try to improve my site and forgive me of my many errors.

Okay, now to the good stuff. I took my Kailyn to the Dr. yesterday for her routine 3 year old check up. Yes, I know she is 3 and a half, but now that her dr. is an hour and a half away it is more difficult to get her there. My friend Dr. Wann and I discussed all of her health problems and were able to check them all off as either cured, managed, or so minor that it doesn't even matter. She used the words "perfectly normal 3 year old". I had never heard these words before when it came to Kailyn. If you need proof of God's ability to heal, look at my child. She has no hormone imbalance, as a matter of fact that dr. has dismissed her. Her skin is perfect. We have figured how to keep the eczema at bay. The hole in her heart is so small that she could not even hear it. If you remember, the heart surgeon said the same thing when we did the heart cath a year ago last March. It was too small to patch. We only see him every 4 years now. Guys, God answers prayers. As I am writing this my mind goes to the prayer warriors at FBC Okmulgee. The Caudles, Dennis and Janet, the list goes on and on. I also could never forget the coveted prayers of two of my favorite people, Pitty Pat and Grandad. These people will never know how much they have meant to my kids and me. I keep several of the notes that Harold wrote me from the prayer room. They will be cherished for years to come. One day Kailyn will appreciate them the way I do. It is so nice to be loved! And boy are my kids loved.

So now, thanks be to God for the healing and to those who diligently prayed for my baby. pray that she will never forget that her life and health are so precious and that people prayed her healthy. God has a tremendous plan for her life and I look forward to seeing it unfold. May we use this experience for His good!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Blog Game

Okay, Steph, I'll try this thing!!!! Here is my picture. You can see Kailyn is cheesing. I think she is on my mom's lap. We had been fishing at a fishing contest at the lake. Kobe, as you can see in the background is chilling out (maybe even almost asleep!!!).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Emotional Week

This has been a very emotional week on several accounts. I lost a student that I am concerned about. We have hit some major success with our football team. We are now 5-0 going in to a very easy game Friday. The overall feeling of this week is life goes on. Last year at this time we were thinking that we could turn around a football team. Now, we have achieved this goal. I thought I would feel different, like the world would be perfect if this is the case. Instead, I find myself thinking that football is not everything. Don't get me wrong, it is nice to walk in Wal Mart and hear everyone talk about how wonderful my husband is. This time last year we were these people who had to earn their trust. Now we have it and it is scary. People are looking for something to believe in. They believe in my husband, us, and we will at some point let them down. We are people. People let people down. Just look at this country. We would not be in the situation we were in if we were dealing with perfection. We will be let down. I let my husband down. I let my kids down. I let my students down. I let my friends down. The list goes on and on.

Here is the good news. We have Someone who does not let us down. He is there for us through the thick and thin. The good and the bad. The wins and the losses. He never changes.

One of the biggest emotional things I have had to work through this week is the anniversary of the death of a friend. A friend whom I worked with, went to church with, raised my children with. She understood something that only despiration can teach us. God is in control. He never dissapoints. Even when the world around us is crumbling, He is strong. Even when we don't know if our next breath is coming, He is in control. The world gets all wrapped up with stuff. What we have, the stock market, our bank account. God is wrapped up in us. Cleaning us up. Teaching us the real meaning of life. Understanding that it is all about Him, and that when we let Him be in control, He handles the rest. He gives us peace about money, cancer, whatever our issues are. He protects us from the world and a lot of times ourselves. You see, I am a fixer. I am never more happy than when I am fixing somebody. I want to fix this student of mine's situation. I wanted to cure my friend's cancer. I even want to have the money to fix everyones problems. The problem is, I am not the fixer. God is. When I try to fix things, I mess them up worse. I have to trust Him to do the fixings and me to do the obeying. I am working on this.

One of the things I know I can do is pray. I am going to attach some pictures of my friend's children that she has left behind. Pray for them. Pray for their father who lost his wonderful wife and became a single parent all in one day. That my friends, is something we can do!