Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MRSA Halloween and District Champs!!!!!

Clone Trooper or Sister Shirt?

The sister shirt won out. He has a whole Clone Trooper outfit that he wore for trick or treating, but loves this shirt, too!!!

MRSA and Halloween- All in one week

What a crazy few weeks this has been!!!

Darin is doing great in football. They are 10/0 and heading into the playoffs this week. There is a lot of pressure, but they are having a great time. We have one great group of kids.

Of course with Halloween being on Friday, we had to make plans for the kids to go trick or treating. They went with Darin's sister, Dianne. They went back to Okmulgee to a carnival our church has there. They had a great time.

I, on the other hand, drove 2 hours to Idabel and watched Darin beat them.

Saturday, I noticed a small bump that had come up on my leg. I ignored it unitl Sunday when I noticed it was a lot bigger. By Sunday night it was the size of a ping pong ball. I woke up Sunday night because it was the size of 2 ping pong balls. I went to the Dr. Monday who immediately sent me to my OBGYN because of where the bump was and the fact that I had surgery with her in June. She lanced it with a scapel and lidacane. It hurt. I called Darin's sister Denise who graciously let me go to her house. Since the Dr. had cultured the spot and wanted me to come back Wed. morning, I stayed with her. By Wednesday, the bump had spread all the way up to my stomache. My results came back and it was MRSA. I was admitted to the hospital and given IV antibiotics. The Dr. also had to cut out more infection and now we have to pack the wound spot. I was worried because Darin had a game on Friday. My Dr. was great and wrote Darin a perscription to go to the game and hold em!!! She released me Friday and I went to the game Friday night. I got sick, threw up at half time and came home, but we were up 28/0 so I wasn't real worried. I went back to the Dr. Monday and everything looks great except for a spot that we have just noticed that could be a "runner" from the origional spot. Pray that the antibiotic gets it!!!

Darin has been a real trooper, handling football and me. The newspapers have us going all the way to the final game. We have never been in this position before. If you want to see some great pics of him go to and I'm so proud of him! The has a great article on him and his job as Defensive Coordinator. Check him out. We are all proud.

Don't worry about the kids. They got to trick or treat 3 times when it was all said and done. The school did a deal on Oct.30th and we did Checotah that Saturday the 1st. Since I have been sick, Kailyn has been at my mom's and Kobe has been past around town and spoiled rotten by everyone.

This town has been awesome. They have fed us, cleaned my house, done laundry,and prayed for me. I have not ever felt so loved. And I think they would have done it whether we were 10/0 or not!!!!!

I'm on the up and up, but just keep praying!!!!!