Friday, December 12, 2008


Well, the MRSA is almost gone. Football is over. It has been a busy couple of weeks. The Wildcats got beat by the defending state champs. It was a sad game, but a fantastic season that no one will soon forget. We broke several records and went 10- 0 for the regular season. Those years don't come by very often.

After several appointments, my MRSA is all gone and I have a very small spot that is still closing. When it is completely healed, we will do a Bactraban treatment with the whole family where we put bactraban in our noses for 5 days. That is supposed to stop the spreading of it. We will see. So far, no signs from the rest of the family. I watch carefully.

The kids are anxious for Christmas. They are preparing for the program at church. Kobe has a pretty big part in the play at school, too. Their lists are long. They will get way too much. We keep reminding them that Christmas is about the gift of Christ. It is hard to fight TV as well as every store we go into. We are trying, though. Kailyn seems to want everything anyway. Maybe it is time to visit a shelter. I don't think she will get it, though. Ideas? We do have a Fisher Price nativity set that she plays with. She likes baby Jesus, but the Jesus in her mind is the grown up one. She doesn't think he is the same one.

Overall, our house is thankful for health, love and Jesus. Even if we can't see him as being a little baby.