Saturday, February 7, 2009

Power Team, Kite Flying, and Bubbles

We have had an interesting week this week weather wise. It went from ice and snow to no coat weather. Only in Oklahoma!

We took the opportunity today to fly kites and blow bubbles. The wind was strong so it was a perfect day. Kailyn of course has a Barbie kite. Kobe's was a Blue Angels. The differences between boys and girls! We got them up pretty high! Kailyn loves bubbles. She didn't have to blow very hard at all to get lots, so she was in heaven!

We also saw the Power Team last week. They are an amazing group of people (there is one woman). They go around and break blocks, bend metal, and basically do anything that has to do with strength. They also tell the message of Christ in the process. It is an unusual ministry, but an effective one. We had seveal people saved because of their ministry. Pray for them. They reach folks that no one else could!