Monday, June 29, 2009


Well, we are half way through summer. Kobe wants to know when we get to just relax! He has a point. At some point in every mom's life I guess it happens, but I was just not ready. Kobe is now officially the person in our house that has the most active social calendar. Yes, Darin has football and that is enough, but Kobe has Baseball games, baseball camp, football camp, church camp, parties, etc. I can't believe he will be 10 next month! I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of things to come!
We also did VBS last week. It was a lot of fun. I was Kailyn's teacher. That won't happen again. She did not let me touch another child without pitching a fit! I hope she makes it at school next year!

We are going to try to have a relaxing day today! Nothing is planned except for football and Kobe's baseball party. I guess we can relax later!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009


I have driven a Honda Civic for 14 years. It got great gas mileage and was a little beat up, but we owned it free and clear and I was not getting into debt with another car payment until the wheels fell off. Well, in the last month, we have spent over $650 in repairs and there is no stopping in sight. So, we finally bit the bullet and bought a new vehicle. That is all very normal stuff unless you know the behind the scenes story.

We bought the Civic very early in our marriage. As a matter of fact it was our first major purchase. God protected us and saw that we were not capable of making a good decision if our lives depended on it and led us to this car. It has taken Kobe home from the hospital, been in an ice storm where it was rear ended, hit by a semi, and hit by a coyote. We have some history, this little car and me. I love the way that every mile was added by me. I love that it was a symbol of the first decision Darin and I made as a couple. I love that every dent is a reminder of how God protects us. But alas, she started showing her age. The window broke, the wheel turner thing needed to be replaced, the battery died for the hundredth time.

The final straw was about two weeks ago. The kids and I were at the library. We get in the car and she just won't start. Darin was in Tulsa with his dad at a doctor's appointment. I call every one I know, but no one was home. Darin finally calls and says he is almost home and comes in to get me. He also happens to mention he and his dad stopped off at a car lot and found a car we needed to look at. Financially, we needed a few months more to save for the down payment, so we put the plan on the back burner. Well, that was not God's plan. Darin's dad happens to know the owner of the car lot. He called and dropped the price of this car to a ridiculously low price. We go to the bank and they made us a loan without any down payment- God doesn't seem to know that a recession is going on. This all worked out within a matter of hours. I drove the car, checked it out on line, and found it to be a great deal. The only problem was that Darin was in Norman at football camp. I call him at every stage and we decide to wait until he gets home to purchase this vehicle. We go today, get the car, and just like that God takes my plans and gives me more than I can imagine! Isn't He good?