Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Storm 2009

Well, Darin and I have laughed at the people in this town since we moved here. As in most Oklahoma towns, a forcast for snow drives everyone to Wal Mart to buy anything they may need in case they are snowed in for weeks!!! This usually does not happen or comes and goes so fast that it's over before you blink. Well, in Checotah they have had several ice storms. Not only do the groceery stores sell out of milk, water, etc. but also propane stoves, candles, generators, and the like. You see, they are convinced that the electricity will go out and will not come back for weeks. We have laughed because they have only had this happen once and they are prepared every time. As this storm was coming, they forecast some freezing rain and sleet. We were in the ice storm area. No snow, just ice. Fun, huh? Well, Darin decided we needed to go to Wal Mart and at least price a propane stove and heater. Well, they had them, but no little propane tanks. Hadn't had them for a week. I told you they planned ahead. Well, our house is total electric and we have no way to heat it or cook anything. To say that we were praying for the electric to stay on is an understatement. Mom and Dad have two generators. They inherited one with their last land purchase. We have planned on picking it up to have here in case anything happened. We will get it the next time we are there!!!! Long story short, we kept electricity. The other side of town did not. We have been out of school for the last two days and Darin's principal just texted him and said no school tomorrow. Answered prayer!!!

On a side note, we have some friends and the husband works for the transportation department. We live right off of I-40 and parts of it were closed yesterday. You know it is slick if they closed the interstate!! We got a call last night from the wife and the husband was on I-40, in a sand truck, stuck, tired (he'd been at work since 7 that morning and it was 10:30), and didn't know when he was going to get home. She worried about him physically getting home. He got home at 1:45 A.M safely (praise the Lord) and was back out at 7:00 A.M. He was affected more emotionally because so many people were stuck, tired and hungry. Some had been there for hours. He knows that if he does his job, they will get around better. Remember these people in prayer. I have been behind sand trucks too. They are slow. We are in a hurry. They are out there trying to help us and, if the rest are like him, worried about our safety. That's what got him up this morning at 7 ready to go again!!!

Of course, the ice storm has been a lot of fun. The sledding is great. The ice is so packed that this is all you can do, but you can sure go! You really don't even need an incline!

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