Thursday, January 8, 2009

MRSA rears her ugly head

Okay, so yesterday I pick Kailyn up from daycare and she cries when I put her in her car seat saying her bottom hurts. I think she is just tired and give her no sympathy. By the time we leave church, she is screaming that her bottom hurts. We look at it. It is a raised bump and is somewhat round underneath. I am constantly looking at bumps and thinking they are something. This time Darin agrees that we need to get it looked at. I am running low on sick days so Darin stays home with her. I decide that I am going to the doctor no matter what because I was admitted to the hospital so fast last time and refused to be in Checotah and her in Tulsa (1 and a half hours away) if something happened. We get to see our actual doctor who is awesome and my hero. I am a little afraid of how she is going to lance this bump because Kailyn won't let anyone look at it, more or less touch it. Dr. Wan came through. She did lance it just enough to get a sample and know the bump was not ready to be popped. Kailyn cried, but overall did great considering. The doctor is treating it like MRSA, but we won't know for sure until the lab results come back. We are on oral antibiotics and putting warm compresses on it. We are at home (praise God) and she thinks we caught it early enough that this is all we are going to have to do. I am not sure how she got it. Maybe the bath tub because that is the only thing we share and of course are the handwashing experts. I don't know. If it is possible to get she will. We were almost through with the treatment plan for our family and thought we had this beat. I feel like we are starting all over again! Pray for us and pray for patience!!!!

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