Sunday, March 1, 2009


We have had an interesting past week. My parents have been planning a trip to the Virgin Islands for some time. My cousin has a rental there and they wanted to see him and take advantage of a good deal on the rental. I have to admit that for some time now, I have had a certain amount of anxiety about this trip. Maybe it has been all of the plane crash news on the TV.

Well, they left out on Wednesday for Dallas. They were flying out from there. They had some deal where they could keep their car there cheaper than in a parking garage. When I got home from church, I got one of those "your dad is fine, but he was taken by ambulance because we have been in a finder binder. Oh, the doctor came in I'll call you back". Well, a van owned by some kind of hotel/ convention center rammed them from behind. They were hit so hard that it pushed them into another car and somehow another car was involved. I'm still not sure how straight I have the story. Anyway, they loaded Mom, Dad and their luggage into the ambulance and took them to the hospital. Mom tried to assure everyone that she was okay, so she did not get checked out. Dad was dizzy and his neck was sore, so they took him in a neck brace and backboard to the ambulance. Thankfully, my Uncle Jack called in the middle of this (he knew none of this was going on) and sent my precious cousin Will to meet them at the hospital. Will has no idea as to how relieved my sister and I were to know that he was there. Thanks Will. The doctor gave them the go ahead to travel, so they are basking in the sun (a little sore and stiff) at St. John's island. Speaking of Saints named John, my Uncle John has come to the rescue with handling the insurance. Since it all happened in Texas and it costs so much money to call from the island, we are so thankful he could do it. He also met them at the hospital. He and Will then proceeded to stay with them, go to dinner with them, drive them to the hotel and basically make sure they were physically and emotionally okay for the rest of the evening.

As far as we can tell, the car (a brand new Expedition) is in bad shape and I don't know if they are going to total it or not. There was fluid leaking, lots of broken glass, and damage done to the body. Mom and dad weren't even sure where the car was. We figured that out and took it to a Ford dealership. Thank you John and Will for your advise on where to take the car.

Family always comes through in the end and this was definitely the case with this incident.

Thanks Will, Steph, John and Rhonda!

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Stephanie said...

No problem we were glad to see them even though the circumstances were not great! We just wish they had stayed with us from the beginning. We were happy to help. Oh and I have their overnight bag when they get back.