Saturday, January 10, 2009

MRSA Update

We took Kailyn back to the dr. this morning because she was looking a little worse last night. As I was getting her ready, the spot ruptured. It looked better, but we took her to the dr. (yes on a Saturday) anyway. We get there and they look at it and start talking specialists which means hospital. The doctor gives her some happy juice and thinks she can get the rest of it in the office. The first 20 minutes she was on the meds. it was quite funny. The room was decorated like an ocean and had ocean animals all around the room. She started chasing the animals around the room. She told us that room was the prettiest she had ever seen. She told us that the happy medicine
sure did make her happy. Finally, she goes to sleep. That is until the dr. comes in to do her thing. She screamed and screamed. She asked her daddy to pick her up. She told me to stop hurting her. She asked me to take her home. Finally, the doctor is done and, after several statements on how brave she is, she comes home with 2 suckers, a sticker, and a stuffed toy.

The dr. tells us she will sleep most of the afternoon and evening. She slept maybe 30 minutes and has been wound up ever since. We are trying to have a lot of patience, but in true Kailyn form, it is quite a feat!!!

I hope we don't have to come back!!!!!


Stephanie said...

What an ordeal. Here's hoping that is the end of it!

The Johnson's Journal said...

Pray!!! I can't handle much more of this!!!