Monday, September 1, 2008

Fishing Trip

We had a great Labor Day weekend. We went to my mom and dad's on Fri. and came home Sat. We had some family time with Darin which is rare this time of the year. Today, though, had to be the best. They had a fishing tournement at Lake Eufaula. We live 5 minutes from this massive lake and have maybe been there twice since we moved here. They sent home a note on Friday saying they were having this tourney so I talked to Kobe about it and he was excited. I was not sure what to expect and enlisted my father for help. Dad shows up with poles, worms, etc. We all line up around this pond (there were probably 30 kids there). The big goal was to catch fish, not yourself!!!!

Kailyn gets the first bite. We finally caught it and it was the shortest fish I have ever seen caught on a pole. Kobe snags one a little bigger. Kailyn catches one that is actually smaller than the first one she caught. Kobe then catches a small perch. Needless to say, we did not win the trophy for the longest or biggest fish caught. That was okay, though because Kobe won a new fishing pole (one Papa said was one he fished with) and was thrilled. Kailyn was equally as excited when she won an umbrella and a stringer. She was mostly excited about the umbrella because she has been begging for one of her own for a while.

We finished the tourney with a hot dog lunch cooked on an open grill right by the lake, which Kobe swears makes it taste better. I think we will do it again next year.

School is better. Kobe is settling in and seems to be okay. Kailyn is doing great and is excited about seeing her friends every day. I have a great class and Darin is right in the middle of football.

We are a very busy bunch!!!!!

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