Thursday, September 11, 2008

What a Week!!!!!!

We are right in the middle of football season at our house. We are definitely the family of a football coach. The kids looked so cute as we got ready for the game the other night that I had to show them.

Darin has shown some team spirit this week, too. We have the big Eufaula/ Checotah game this week. It is a huge game and is called the McIntosh county war. It has been going on since the 20's. When I got home yesterday, Darin met me with the Checotah Chief of Police (who has a son that plays on the team). They informed me that Darin needed stitches, but to go ahead and get the kids settled because he was not finished with defence practice (he is the defensive coordinator). I figured it couldn't be that bad, but I was wrong. He had a horizontal cut in the center of his ear that required 15 stitches. He was playing scout quarterback (yes at 36) and the scout reciever ran into him. It was a complete accident. We headed to the nearest big town (Muskogee) and were going to the emergency room, seeing that his ear was literally in two pieces being held on by a little skin. The boy who hit Darin happened to have a mom for a nurse that works for a doctor that does a lot of plastics. He really did a great job. Darin is very sore, but overall seems to be okay. It was quite an evening.

To make the week more exciting, Kobe came up to me at lunch and said he wasn't feeling very well. I decided that I would take his temp. It was 101. He is with my mom. So, we have Kobe with a fever, Darin with stitches in his ear, and the biggest game of the year. WOW!!!

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Stephanie said...

Wow! Poor Darin. I hope he feels okay and that the game goes in his favor. Looks to be an exciting weekend for my family as well--Hurrican Ike is headed straight for my parents! Say a little prayer for all affected.