Saturday, August 16, 2008

Growing pains

Well, we are back at school. Kobe is not too sure about third grade. It is a hard year and we know that. I'm hoping that he will love it when he gets used to it.

Kailyn on the other hand has had her first bout with a UTI. She started running a fever on Saturday. I was hoping that she would get over it in 24 hours. In true Kailyn form she had to make it hard and was still running a fever on Monday (my first day to report). Luckly my mom retired this year and came to watch her. I called the doctor and they said to give it another day. Of course she was atill running a high fever on Tues. (104) and I called back. They saw us and she had to do a urine sample ( we had to talk about it all the way there, saying if you don't peepee in the cup they will put a tube in your body) and discovered that she had a really bad infection. After 4 days of antibiotics and rest and care from Nana (read spoiled), she has recovered. The only problem is she has informed me she is not going to her babysitter on Monday. She would like for Nana to come take care of her every day. We have tried to explain that Nana lives an hour away and she can't come every day (especially with gas as expensive as what it is), but Kailyn is still holding on. Kobe has suggested that we leave her at Nana's and just visiting her on the weekends. Good try son!!! So Monday will be a tear filled day I'm afraid. Darin will have to take her. You have to love the first week back!!!!!

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